A trip around Lake Cascade.


We took a little Drive around Lake Cascade today. It’s just a couple of Minutes from Birch Glen Lodge and Motel. As usual, the Scenery is amazing and makes even my amateur photos look good. The great camera my friend “Gumby” let me use is awesome. I bet I took 200 photos today…haha.

Birch Glen Lodge and Motel
This big old tree refused to conform. The green moss stood out and caught my eye,


It was a whiteout for part of the day and you could only see a few hundred feet out on the lake but the Ice fisherman were there. Those monster Perch call their name. Some of our guests come from as far away as Michigan, the Dakotas, Arizona, California, etc…Lake Cascade has the biggest Perch in the world. I don’t mean just a few, I mean there is a real chance you may catch the record on any given day. 2.5 pounders are coming out daily.


Birch Glen Lodge and Motel
I love these Cabins in the Mountains with the Flags. They really pop against the white background.


I think I see this same fox every trip I take to the lake. he will be running down the middle of the gravel road, hoping down the boat ramp, or playing on the hillside. Every time I take a pic he runs a few feet but when I whistle he stops to see what I want. Never goes far, I think he like to get his picture taken.

Fox, Ice fishingm lake cascade, Birch Glen Lodge and Motel.
I should probably give him a name.

The Ice Fisherman should be rolling in here in just a few hours with their catch. It’s a highlight of my day to hear the lies, err, I mean stories, and see the catches. If you are ever thinking of doing some Ice Fishing or want to catch the biggest Perch in the world, come stay at Birch Glen Lodge and Motel. We can help point you in the right direction and depending on the time of the year there may be a guide available. We also have fish cleaning facilities here that are indoors for use by any of our guests. (only in the wintertime). We have cheap rooms and can accommodate very large groups. We even have rooms with bunks that will accommodate 8 or more people.



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