Elk just a few minutes away…

Just down the road from Birch Glen Lodge and Motel the Elk are thick and mule deer are everywhere. We headed out warm lake road at the North end of town and withing 25 minutes were were in some remote wilderness areas. Took a little glassing and but soon enough we started spotting a few small herds working the burns.

Working the Burn

A few hours later and they were really moving. We ended up spotting approx 120 mule deer and about 200 elk in just a couple of hours. I expected to see something still hanging onto it’s horns but, nope, either everything was does and cows or more likely, all antlers have been shed.

How great is it to pretty much go in your own back yard and see these kind of sites? We didn’t even leave until 4:00 in the evening. …Valley county and Cascade Idaho is truly something special.

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