Great American Buffalo. It’s whats for Dinner.

Buffalo burger. That’s right. I said it. We had Bison for Dinner here at Birch Glen Lodge and Motel. We fired up the grill and had some delicious Buffalo Burgers!

Once numbering around 20 to 30 million throughout North America, the number of Bison plummeted to near extinction, but due to good herd management in our National Parks and farmers and ranchers raising buffalo for food production our numbers are back up to over 500,000 and we are now able to enjoy a good bison burger.

Buffalo near Birch Glen Lodge and Motel
One weird looking Buffalo.

The burgers we had today were raised here locally. Grass-fed, organic, very lean, and extremely good! We drove right to the farm and picked it up. We even got some pictures of future burgers. I know, not funny!

I like to eat my burgers with no bread as I get filled up pretty easily but on the flip side, I really get to enjoy the flavor of the meat. I can honestly say I prefer the bison flavor over the flavor of beef. They are similar but the bison has a bit more flavor, not gamey at all, but just more flavorful. Does that make sense?..Just try it!!

Hold still Buffalo!

The negative about bison was the price. Holy Sh*& was it expensive! $15.00 a pound for the burger and around $22.00 a pound for New York Strip. Wohoo was it high.

Buffalo near Birch Glen Lodge and Motel
Look at that furry beast.

We have mountains, snowmobiling, hiking, hot springs, rafting, kayaking, great fishing, hunting, and we have grass fed buffalo too! Cascade Idaho, What a great place to visit!

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