1st Blog post. This is a Trial run..drum rolllllll

Cascade Idaho, Birch Glen Motel & Lodge, Week In Review.

Ice fisherman are killing it this week! Big fish and plenty of them. Of the ones I saw I think the average was 2 pounds maybe a little more. Therwasrs several that came in at 2.4 pounds and the biggest I saw was 15.50″. Several Trout in the 20″ to 22″ range were caught.

Big fat perch at Birch Glen Lodge and Motel caught in Lake Cascade, Ice Fishing


Wildlife running all over town, fields, and mountains. The coolest things we saw  we didn’t have a camera ready. A Bald Eagle diving on some ducks, a coyote trying to jump a ditch ended up burying its head in the snow. We did get to see the usual Mulies roaming town, the Elk lounging in the fields, etc..


I loved this dog we saw out Warm Lake, a big old Newfoundland. About the size of a horse. The wife opened the truck door and he thought it was time to go with us. I thought that horse was going to barrel in the front seat. Luckily I saw him coming and started yelling “shut the door”…lol

Did some sightseeing and visited the hot springs. The best part about them is they are unmarked and not crowded, usually. This pic just happened to be a group of kids who showed up at once. We stopped out a couple days later and only 1/2 the people were naked…hahaha…love it. Good times.



This was the 1st Blog Post for Birch Glen Lodge and Motel. Giving this new Website a test run…Should be up and running good, sooner than later, hopefully.


We are going to try to do a week in review every week and offer some good content that shows off Cascade and what a treasure Idaho is. Hopefully, some folks find this blog and see that Cascade is a great place to come visit and if we get some more visitors here at Birch Glen then that is a bonus. I mean, we do have the cleanest rooms and the largest parking area. We are Pet-Friendly, and have the best lodge!.

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