Horse Thief Reservoir and a few Elk

Horsethief reservoir is absolutely gorgeous in the winter time. We took a drive around it today and had a look at the dam and were pleasantly surprised by some of the local elk. I did run in to 1 Ice fisherman yesterday but besides that, I have not seen anyone out there in several days. In fact, I broke tracks in the snow today at about noon.

There are a good number of trout in the lake and the Ice fisherman that I spoke with had limited out in just a couple of hours. The lake was drained in 2006 to get rid of all of the Perch and again it was drained and poisoned in 2015. The Trout have had a few years to grow so we should start to see some good ones pretty soon. There are some decent Coho in Horsethief as well!

I didn't have any cell service out there and I like it. I'm so sick of that phone. So that was a plus for me!

On the way out my wife said "look right there" and sure enough a fair size cow elk was standing in front of us and then about 5 or 6 more started moving through the trees. I never get tired of seeing those.

Horsethief Reservoir is less than 10 miles from Birch Glen Lodge and Motel so if you are looking for a Cheap Hotel or motel room come and see us our rooms are super clean and we are landing area or base for all your adventure needs!!



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