Meat Without Feet. Biggest Perch In the World

I’ve been beating this Meat Without Feet Slogan to death all week long but it sure is funny. At least in my own

I really can’t get over how big the Perch are that come out of Lake Cascade. The world record Perch is 2.pounds and 11 ounces and 15.5″ long.  Well, on a weekly basis we have Perch coming in that are longer than the record and just a few ounces off. I can honestly say we have probably had a couple that was very close to the record but I didn’t go buy a real digital scale until just a couple days ago. We may very well had a record size fish here in the last couple of months. Most perch are 12″ or less and a pound or less, usually much less. Well, not here! Lake Cascade consistently produces wall hangers. We had 4 guests that stayed here at Birch Glen Lodge and Motel and fished the lake the other day and they brought back 30 fish. 8 of the 30 were 2 pounds or bigger and a couple were much bigger. The rest were all 1.8 or better.  These were not professional guides and they didn’t do anything out of the oridinary. They just put in the time and caught some big fish.

Ice Fishing fatties at Birch Glen
Meat without feet at Birch Glen Lodge and Motel
Big Perch on Lake Cascade, Birch Glen Lodge and Motel
Fat Perch

The fishing did slow down for a few days but when people figured out the Ice was still good (best it’s been all year) they started coming back up.  My son said the ice was over 14″ where he was yesterday.

Big Perch aren’t the only fish to be had either. We have seen a lot of trout come in that are in the 20″ to 23″ range in the last few days.

Here at Birch Glen lodge and motel we have a large room behind the lodge with plenty of chairs and fillet tables. after a day out on the ice, bring your catch back and you are more than welcome to use our facilities to clean your catch. We have more than enough parking for your sleds, rigs, trailers, etc… we have Cheap Hotel rooms, and also offer bunkhouse style rooms big enough for groups. Best place to stay in Cascade Idaho..According to my Mom!

Birch Glen Lodge and motel. Fat Perch Live here.
Birch Glen Lodge and Motel and some Fat Perch






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