Ice Fishing season is nearing the end but if you still have the nerve there is plenty of good ice and some pigs lurking below. Lot’s of the area it is still over 9″ but there are plenty of areas where it is getting pretty sketchy. In fact, there have been a couple of breakthroughs in the past week. We have some guests from Wyoming staying here at Birch Glen Lodge & Motel that get on some big fat porkers everytime they come. They absolutely pound the big fish. They fish with the same gear, same bait, but they don’t sit and wait. If they don’t catch anything in 45 minutes they are moving, and moving, and moving. Until they are on them.

Jason Ridell from Wyoming has got to be one of the quickest I have ever seen filleting fish.


Check out these monsters that are going on the wall. I love the short one. I say short but it’s still a monster at 14.5 inches it was 2 pounds 6.2 ounces.

Birch Glen Lodge and Motel Monster Perch
Pig with Scales


One heck of a way to end the Ice Fishing season. I think this is the best haul of big fish I have seen in a year.



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