Check out the Cascade Aquatic and Recreational Center located Next Door to Birch Glen Lodge & Motel

It is literally Next Door and shares a Parking lot with Kellys White water rafting Park. The Rec Center is open until 9:00. The Pool Is Geo Thermally heated and very comfortable even in the dead of winter. The Pool is Enormous and indoor in the winter. (They put a huge tent over it and heat it)


Kellys White Water Park

Also, Located Next door. This place is so cool!

Kelly’s Whitewater Park has been recognized by many kayaking athletes as one of the premier whitewater parks in the country.

Next Door to Birch Glen Lodge and Motel

Lake Cascade

Ramps, handling docks, life jacket loaner station at Blue Heron, Van Wyck, Sugarloaf, Boulder Creek, Buttercup, Poison Creek

Camp, picnic, hike, mountain bike, cycle, swim, horseshoes, motorized and non-motorized boats, sailing, windsurfing, fish, water sports…..Did I mention the Biggest Perch in the world live here.


Tamarack Resort.

Zip line tours, Mountain Biking, Sking, etc..This place is cool and only about 20 miles away. You can stay here at Birch Glen for a very reasonable price and go play for a day there.