We do more than Fish around here. Idaho Scenery is amazing

There is a lot more to do than fish around here. A few shots from around the state.

We took a trip from Cascade over to Ashton Idaho with the intentions of heading to Yellowstone, not even thinking of Yellowstone being closed as we have had a couple weeks of pretty fair weather. Well, Yellowstone was closed unless you wanted to drive to Montana and come through the northernmost entrance. I forgot this time of year only part of the park is open.


Anyhow, we made the best of it and worked our way back taking the scenic route through the mountains and by way of Stanley┬áIdaho. We saw approx 500 elk, maybe more Mule deer, whitetail, Antelope/speed donkeys, bald eagles, etc…Idaho is full of wild game.

I do have to say the interstates around Boise are a big disappointment though as they are littered with trash. Hopefully, the state takes notice and gets that cleaned up.


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